Educational governance in disaster risk reduction

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The importance of education in disaster risk reduction has been emphasized in several international governance and policy agenda, frameworks, conferences as well as UN programs. The Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) 2005-2015 prepared by the UN/ISDR emphasizes the role of formal and non-formal education and awareness raising as an important component for disaster risk reduction. Responding to the call from the UN/ISDR 2006-2007 campaign, various international and/or regional conferences and workshops on school safety and school education were held, and countries have developed national action agenda addressing the issue on integrating disaster risk reduction into the education curriculum as well as ensuring safety of school buildings. This chapter identifies 16 specific tasks of HFA, termed as E-HFA under five priority areas, which are related to the education governance in terms of disaster risk reduction. The chapter also demonstrates an example of implementing of E-HFA in Taiwan, and explores of possibility of E-HFA in the training programs in Myanmar.

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