Effect of a magnetic field on sloshing in a two-layer fluid

S. Kaneko, T. Ishiyama, S. Takemoto, T. Sawada

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Sloshing of a single layer fluid using a magnetic fluid can be controlled through the sloshing natural frequency by applying magnetic fields. In this study, the sloshing of a two-layer fluid with a water-based magnetic fluid and silicone oil was investigated. A magnetic field was applied by two permanent magnets, and these were placed near the interface between the magnetic fluid and the silicone oil. An experimental approach based on the measurement of pressure at several points by small disc-type pressure transducers and the real-time computation of a discrete Fourier transform was used. Several frequency response spectra were received in each experimental condition. Changes in sloshing behaviour of the two-layer fluid with several magnetic fields were reported.

出版物ステータスPublished - 2013

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