Effect of inline filtration on delivery of gentamicin

Yoshitake Sato, Eiichi Isohata, Satoshi Iwata, Hironobu Akita, Tadao Oikawa, Keisuke Sunakawa

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We studied the effects of inline filtration on delivery of gentamicin (GM), using filter sets with a simulated system. 10 mg of GM was injected into the system containing 5% dextrose in water (flow rate: 50 ml/h, 10 ml/h and 2 ml/h with horizontal and vertical settings of the inline filters. With 50 ml/h, delivery of GM of Pall showed nearly the same delivery pattern as compared with no filter setting. However, JMS and IVEX 2 showed slight differences. With 10 ml/h and 2 ml/h those differences became more significant. Delivery of GM was influenced by the priming volume of the filters, and increasingly so at slow flow rates. Filter settings also influenced the delivery of GM. Not only priming volumes of the filters affect delivery of drugs, filter designs also have an influence. Although the use of inline filters is important in the pediatric field, their characteristics need careful consideration.

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