Effect of mechanical compression on invasion process of malignant melanoma using in vitro three-dimensional cell culture device

Takashi Morikura, Shogo Miyata

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Malignant melanoma in the plantar surface of the foot is subjected to various mechanical stimuli generated by daily human activity such as walking. Some studies have reported that mechanical compression affects the development and progression of melanoma. However, little is known about how mechanical compression affects the behavior of malignant melanoma cells in a physiological condition due to the complexity of the invasion mechanisms. In this study, we developed an in vitro three-dimensional cell culture device using microporous membrane in order to evaluate the effects of mechanical compression on the invasion process of malignant melanoma. Our results suggest that the invasion of melanoma cells under the compressive stress for 8 h of culture was promoted with the elongation of F-actin filaments compared to control groups, whereas there was no significant difference between both groups at 32 h of culture, with increasing cell death associated with promoting melanin synthesis. The results of this study contribute to the elucidation of the invasion mechanisms of malignant melanoma caused by mechanical stimulation.

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