Effects of single or repeated administrations of methamphetamine on immune response in mice

Masayoshi Saito, Masaru Terada, Tetsuya Kawata, Hisao Ito, Naoyuki Shigematsu, Pudcharaporn Kromkhun, Makoto Yokosuka, Toru R. Saito

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The present study aimed to clarify the connection between immune responses and the administration frequency of methamphetamine (MAP) in male and female mice. Male and female ddY mice were given single or multiple (repeated for 10 days) intraperitoneal injections of MAP (5.0 mg/kg/day). The following immune parameters were examined; the number of leukocytes in peripheral blood and the proliferative activity (phytohemagglutinin;PHA, lipopolysaccharide; LPS response) and natural killer (NK) cell activity in splenic lymphocytes. Further, the differences in metabolic function in the spleen in response to MAP (and its metabolite amphetamine) in male and female mice were measured by gas chromatography. The results of the present study were that; 1) single and repeated MAP injections reduced leukocytes; 2) single MAP injection increased the proliferative response of splenic lymphocytes to PHA stimulation in only male mice, but the response to LPS stimulation was slightly increased in both male and female mice; 3) single and repeated MAP injections reduced NK cell activity of splenic lymphocytes, and especially in female mice with 5 injections of MAP; 4) with 10 MAP injections the NK cell activity and leukocytes recovered to the level of controls; and 5) the metabolic activity of MAP was reduced in female mice treated acutely with MAP in comparison to male mice. These results appear to indicate that immune responses to MAP were involved in the different results shown for administration frequency, sex difference and metabolic process of MAP.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2008

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