Effects of temperature, concentration, and isomer on the hydration structure in monosaccharide solutions

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Water-monosaccharide coupled interactions are essential for the function, stability, and dynamics of all glycans. Using molecular dynamics simulations, we investigated the effects of temperature, concentration, and monosaccharide isomer on the hydration structure and water dynamics in the hydration shell of monosaccharides in solution. We found that perturbations of the hydrogen-bond (H-bond) network in the first hydration shell around each monosaccharide molecule can be separated into two regions: one rich in water molecules with donor H-bonds (in the 2.4-2.8 Å region) and the other rich in water molecules with abundant acceptor H-bonds (in the 2.8-3.3 Å region). Moreover, we investigated the dependencies of clustering and conversion of the conformers of the monosaccharides on temperature and concentration. Increasing the concentration enhances monosaccharide clustering in all the monosaccharide solutions, while cluster formation does not depend on temperature. In the clusters, some water molecules in the hydration shell are replaced with monosaccharide oxygen atoms, which contributes to the shrinkage of the hydration shell with increasing monosaccharide concentration. The monosaccharides basically adopt one of two conformers, the stable chair or the unstable boat conformer. We revealed that the hydration structures of the boat and chair conformers were dramatically different. As the temperature increases, the content of the chair conformer decreases. Thus, the conversion of conformers strongly affects the hydration structure around the monosaccharide. These results are critical to understand the important roles of the hydration structure in glycan solutions.

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