Emergence of chirality induced by vortex mixing

Takashi Yamashita, Kunihiko Okano

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Chirality of biopolymers is the fundamental feature of their higher structure formation, which is the origin of homochirality. How was homochirality established after the birth of the universe 14 billion years ago? There have been many explanations for homochirality such as the reaction induced by circular dichroic light, rotation of universe, and so on. Recently we have found vortex mixing of polymer solution induces chirality, which has been proven by extracting pure CD signal measuring muller matrix of the stirring solution. The induced chirality can be successfully transferred to a guest molecule, which is added in the polymer solution. With fluorescent dye as the guest molecule, circular dichroic emission is observed after vortex mixing of the polymer solution. Thus macroscopic rotation is proved as the one of the chiral inducing forces and can be converted to the chirality of the guest molecules or emission of light. Those phenomena are expected to be used as novel techniques in asymmetric synthesis and clues to the mystery of the origin of life.

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