Enabling user-oriented management for ubiquitous computing: The meta-design approach

Bin Guo, Daqing Zhang, Michita Imai

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This paper presents iPlumber, a user-oriented management system for ubiquitous computing environments. Different from previous low-benefit "zero-configuration" systems or high cognitive-cost "end user programming" tools, our work attempts to attain a better balance between user benefits and cost by exploring the meta-design approach. A set of typical management activities in ubicomp environments are supported, from basic-level software sharing, foraging, and low-cost software configuration to advanced-level cooperative software co-design and error handling. These activities are elaborated through a smart home control scenario. The usability of our system is validated through an initial user study with a total of 33 subjects to test the management activities from an open exhibition environment and a controlled university environment.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2010 11 15

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