Endoscopic endonasal removal of a pediatric paranasal ossifying fibroma using preoperative embolization

Shin Saito, Hiroyuki Ozawa, Yuuichi Ikari, Nana Nakahara, Fumihiro Ito, Mariko Sekimizu, Kaori Kameyama, Takenori Akiyama, Masahiro Toda, Kaoru Ogawa

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Background: Ossifying fibroma arising in the sinonasal tract is rare. Its treatment includes complete resection; however, this can be challenging to perform due to the well-vascularized nature of the fibroma. Some surgical techniques can control intraoperative hemorrhage; however, to date, no reports have assessed the use of preoperative embolization. Methods: We report a case of a child with ossifying fibroma arising from the ethmoid sinus, which was resected by endoscopic surgery using preoperative transarterial embolization. Conclusions: Embolization was effective in decreasing intraoperative hemorrhage. No complications related to the procedure or operation were encountered. Preoperative embolization should be considered for better control of the bleeding that occurs in ossifying fibromas, similar to that in other well-vascularized tumors.

ジャーナルOtolaryngology Case Reports
出版物ステータスPublished - 2020 3


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