Enzyme-free release of adhered cells from standard culture dishes using intermittent ultrasonic traveling waves

Yuta Kurashina, Chikahiro Imashiro, Makoto Hirano, Taiki Kuribara, Kiichiro Totani, Kiyoshi Ohnuma, James Friend, Kenjiro Takemura

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Cell detachment is essential in culturing adherent cells. Trypsinization is the most popular detachment technique, even though it reduces viability due to the damage to the membrane and extracellular matrix. Avoiding such damage would improve cell culture efficiency. Here we propose an enzyme-free cell detachment method that employs the acoustic pressure, sloshing in serum-free medium from intermittent traveling wave. This method detaches 96.2% of the cells, and increases its transfer yield to 130% of conventional methods for 48 h, compared to the number of cells detached by trypsinization. We show the elimination of trypsinization reduces cell damage, improving the survival of the detached cells. Acoustic pressure applied to the cells and media sloshing from the intermittent traveling wave were identified as the most important factors leading to cell detachment. This proposed method will improve biopharmaceutical production by expediting the amplification of tissue-cultured cells through a more efficient transfer process.

ジャーナルCommunications Biology
出版物ステータスPublished - 2019 12 1


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