Excavations at Tel Rekhesh

Yitzhak Paz, Masa'aki Okita, Akio Tsukimoto, Shuichi Hasegawa, Sang Kook Lim, David T. Sugimoto, Takuzo Onozuka, Yoshinobu Tatsumi, Masatoshi Yamafuji

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Tel Rekhesh, a site located in the eastern Lower Galilee, has been excavated since 2006. The primary results of the first four seasons of excavations enable the reconstruction of a flourishing Iron I settlement that covered the entire area of the site - the upper mound as well as its lower terrace. The Iron I architecture includes public buildings, installations and what appears to be cultic finds. It was preceded by LB, MB HB and EB II-III settlements, detected in various excavated areas. The next season will focus on some questions that arose during the first four seasons.

ジャーナルIsrael Exploration Journal
出版物ステータスPublished - 2010 8 10

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    Paz, Y., Okita, M., Tsukimoto, A., Hasegawa, S., Lim, S. K., Sugimoto, D. T., Onozuka, T., Tatsumi, Y., & Yamafuji, M. (2010). Excavations at Tel Rekhesh. Israel Exploration Journal, 60(1), 22-40.