Excitation functions and yields for the production of 87mY and preparation of a 87mSr generator

Yoshio Homma, Michiko Ishii, Yuko Murase

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Excitation functions and thick-target yield curves have been measured by means of the stacked foil technique for 3He and 4He reactions producing 85Y, 85mY, 86mY, 87mY and 88Y for rubidium chlori It has become apparent that the radionuclides of yttrium that pose a problem as contaminants are 85Y and 85mY, although it has not been reported in the past. Considering the results obtained, the optimum bombarding conditions to maximize the yield of 87mY and minimize the yields of contaminant were proposed. In order to make the chemical processing method quantitative, the distribution coefficients, D, of strontium and yttrium between an anion-exchanger resin and 0.5% citric acid solution were measured. Based on the results obtained a simple and reliable anion-exchange method was developed to provide a 87Y-87mSr generator.

ジャーナルThe International Journal Of Applied Radiation And Isotopes
出版ステータスPublished - 1980 7

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