External cavity laser using a InAs quantum dot gain chip and an arrayed-waveguide grating for T-band optical communications

Hideki Shibutani, Yasunori Tomomatsu, Yoshinori Sawado, Katsumi Yoshizawa, Hideaki Asakura, Nazirul Afham Idris, Hiroyuki Tsuda

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    Utilizing T-band (1000 nm to 1260 nm) for optical communications is promising for short reach, and large capacity networks, such as data centers or access networks. It is feasible to use this with low-cost coarse wavelength division multiplexing (WDM). However, a tunable wavelength light source is necessary for such applications. In this paper, we propose a new configuration for an external cavity laser, which uses a silica-based arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) for the wavelength selecting element. The external cavity laser consists of a gain chip with high reflection (HR) and anti-reflection (AR) coated facets, coupling lenses, an AWG with AR/HR coatings, and an output fiber. The AWG has 17 connection ports, which correspond to 17 wavelengths with a channel spacing of 1.67 nm. The width of the connection port waveguides was optimized to achieve high coupling efficiency. The AWG chip size is 15 mm x 30 mm. The active layer in the gain chip has InAs quantum dots. The spontaneous emission 3-dB bandwidth was 48 nm (1108 nm to 1156 nm) when a current of 150 mA was injected into the gain chip. The lasing wavelength of the external cavity laser was successfully tuned from 1129.9 nm to 1154.4 nm by selecting the connection ports of the AWG. The typical threshold current was about 130 mA.

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