Fabric model for clothing design by wrinkle simulation

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During the design process in clothing production, fashion designers must imagine the state of the fabric used. The state of wrinkles formed on fabric according to human posture and movements is an important design element. However, the selection process of the fabric for realizing the design envisioned by the designer takes a lot of time and effort. By using clothing simulation, it is possible to identify the parameters of weave and mechanical properties of the yarn fabric for realizing the design that the designer requires, and this can facilitate the selection process. Many fabric models taking into account the mechanical properties of fabric based on mass spring models have been proposed, but none of the models proposed take into account the state of friction and slipping at the contact point of the warp and weft. In this paper, a method for setting the weave and mechanical properties of the fabric as parameters in order to simulate a state in which the fabric covers an object or human, and a system based on this method were proposed. The proposed system can perform simple simulation using a mass spring model that takes into account slipping at the contact points of the warp and weft of the fabric worn.

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