Fabrication of column chip made of PMMA for μfIA

Takeshi Ito, Satoru Kaneko, Koji Suzuki

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We proposed a low cost fabrication procedure of a poly(methylmethacrylate) (PMMA) column chip. 3D microchannel structure consisting of four columns in a chip for a mother die was fabricated using dry film photoresist and photolithography technique. Electroforming was applied to the mother die in order to obtain a Ni mold, then, the pattern was transferred to PMMA by hot press. The column had a dam structure to keep enzyme-immobilized microbeads with volume of 640 nL. The column chip was applied for a micro flow injection analysis (μFIA) system. For a demonstration, we measured lactose using two columns in series. One column was set on upper stream and filled with chitosan microbeads immobilized with β-galactosidase, the other was on downstream and filled with the beads immobilized with glucose oxidase. The lactose detection was accomplished less than 90 s after the sample injection. The biosensing system also showed a high performance for lactose detection in wide range of 1 μM to 1 mM. These results show that the column chip and our microfluidic biosensing system have the potential to assist minuaturization with small sample volume and short determination time for a sequential analysis.

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