Fabrication of titania/hydroxyapatite composite granules for photo-catalyst

Shidong Ji, Setsuaki Murakami, Masanobu Kamitakahara, Koji Ioku

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The titania/hydroxyapatite composite granular photo-catalyst with novel microstructure was fabricated by the process based on the liquid immiscibility effect and followed by precalcination and hydrothermal treatment from commercially available powders of α-Tri-calcium phosphate and TiO2. XRD, SEM, BET, optical microscopy and UV-vis spectrophotometer were applied to characterize the prepared photo-catalyst. Microstructure analysis indicated that the granule was weaved by rod-shaped hydroxyapatite crystals whose surface was covered by nano-sized TiO2. In the composite granules, the active surface of anatase was retained effectively. With the hybridization of TiO2 and HAp, a 16-nm blue-shift of absorption edge could be observed and the crystallinity of anatase could be enhanced by precalcination. The granules with the rod-shaped hydroxyapatite crystals performing as scaffold work as three-dimensional high porous, size-controllable small reactor. The phase and microstructure transformation of the granule before and after hydrothermal treatment was investigated and its decomposition ability was evaluated by using Methylene blue as a target pollutant compound.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2009 4 2

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