Fast and high quality image interpolation for single-frame using multi-filtering and weighted mean

Takuro Yamaguchi, Masaaki Ikehara

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Image interpolation is one of the image upsampling technologies from a single input image. This technology obtains high resolution images by fitting functions or models. Although image interpolation methods are faster than other upsampling technologies, they tend to cause jaggies and blurs in edge and texture regions. Multi-surface Fitting is one of the image upsampling techniques from multiple input images. This algorithm utilizes multiple local functions and the weighted means of the estimations in each local function. Multi-surface Fitting obtains high quality upsampled images. However, its quality depends on the number of input images. Therefore, this method is used in only limited situations. In this paper, we propose an image interpolation method with both high quality and a low computational cost which can be used in many situations. We adapt the idea of Multi-surface Fitting for the image upsampling problems from a single input image. We also utilize local functions to reduce blurs. To improve the reliability of each local function, we introduce new weights in the estimation of the local functions. Besides, we improve the weights for weighted means to estimate a target pixel. Moreover, we utilize convolutions with small filters instead of the calculation of each local function in order to reduce the computational cost. Experimental results show our method obtains high quality output images without jaggies and blurs in short computational time.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2017 5月 1

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