Gene expression profile in cerebrum in the filial imprinting of domestic chicks (Gallus gallus domesticus)

Shinji Yamaguchi, Ikuko Fujii-Taira, Sachiko Katagiri, Ei Ichi Izawa, Yasuyuki Fujimoto, Hideaki Takeuchi, Tatsuya Takano, Toshiya Matsushima, Koichi J. Homma

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In newly hatched chicks, gene expression in the brain has previously been shown to be up-regulated following filial imprinting. By applying cDNA microarrays containing 13,007 expressed sequence tags, we examined the comprehensive gene expression profiling of the intermediate medial mesopallium in the chick cerebrum, which has been shown to play a key role in filial imprinting. We found 52 up-regulated genes and 6 down-regulated genes of at least 2.0-fold changes 3 h after the training of filial imprinting, compared to the gene expression of the dark-reared chick brain. The up-regulated genes are known to be involved in a variety of pathways, including signal transduction, cytoskeletal organization, nuclear function, cell metabolism, RNA binding, endoplasmic reticulum or Golgi function, synaptic function, ion channel, and transporter. In contrast, fewer genes were down-regulated in the imprinting, coinciding with the previous data that the total RNA synthesis increased associated with filial imprinting. Our data suggests that the filial imprinting involves the modulation of multiple signaling pathways.

ジャーナルBrain Research Bulletin
出版ステータスPublished - 2008 6月 15

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