Genetic recombination in a chromosomal translocation t(2;8) (p11;q24) of a Burkitt's lymphoma cell line, KOBK101

Kato Shingo, Tachibana Kouichi, Takayama Nobuyuki, Kataoka Hiroshi, Yoshida Michihiro C., Takano Toshiya

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We analyzed a chromosomal translocation, t(2;8) (p11;q24), in a Burkitt's lymphoma cell line, KOBK101. The translocation iprocally occurred between a site about 150bp upstream from the J5 segment in the Ig k-encoding gene on chromosome 2 and the A-rich end of an Alu repetitive element located far downstream from the c-myc gene on chromosome 8. Short segments of both parental chromosomes were deleted at the rearrangement site. A sequence related to the heptamer recognition signal for the V-J recombination of Ig genes and a topoisomerase I-recognition sequence were detected at the breakpoints. The V-J recombination occurred on both chromosome 2 and the translocated chromosome 2p - at the J3 and J4 segments, respectively. The J region on the translocated chromosomes was mutated, as compared with that on the untranslocated chromosome, while the Alu element and its upstream sequence were conserved. These results suggest the following aspects to the chromosomal translocation of this cell line. A V-J recombination seems to have occurred at the proximal end of the J4 segment first, and then the translocation took place m the region between the J4 and J5 segments. The translocation may have been mediated by the functions of topoisomerase I and the Alu repetitive sequence located at the breakpoint, although the possibility cannot be ruled out that the recombination machinery for Ig gene rearrangements functioned irregularly.

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