Global microRNA elevation by inducible Exportin 5 regulates cell cycle entry

Yuka W. Iwasaki, Kotaro Kiga, Hiroyuki Kayo, Yoko Fukuda-Yuzawa, Jasmin Weise, Toshifumi Inada, Masaru Tomita, Yasushi Ishihama, Taro Fukao

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Proper regulation of gene expression during cell cycle entry ensures the successful completion of proliferation, avoiding risks such as carcinogenesis. The microRNA (miRNA) network is an emerging molecular system regulating multiple genetic pathways. We demonstrate here that the global elevation of miRNAs is critical for proper control of gene expression program during cell cycle entry. Strikingly, Exportin 5 (XPO5) is promptly induced during cell cycle entry by a PI3K-dependent post-transcriptional mechanism. Inhibition of XPO5 induction interfered with global miRNA elevation and resulted in a proliferation defect associated with delayed G1/S transition. During cell cycle entry, XPO5 therefore plays a paramount role as a critical molecular hub controlling the gene expression program through global regulation of miRNAs. Our data suggest that XPO5-mediated global miRNA elevation might be involved in a broad range of cellular events associated with cell cycle control.

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