High current DC negative ion source for cyclotron

H. Etoh, M. Onai, Y. Aoki, H. Mitsubori, Y. Arakawa, J. Sakuraba, T. Kato, T. Mitsumoto, T. Hiasa, S. Yajima, T. Shibata, A. Hatayama, Y. Okumura

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A filament driven multi-cusp negative ion source has been developed for proton cyclotrons in medical applications. In Cs-free operation, continuous H- beam of 10 mA and D- beam of 3.3 mA were obtained stably at an arc-discharge power of 3 kW and 2.4 kW, respectively. In Cs-seeded operation, H- beam current reached 22 mA at a lower arc power of 2.6 kW with less co-extracted electron current. The optimum gas flow rate, which gives the highest H- current, was 15 sccm in the Cs-free operation, while it decreased to 4 sccm in the Cs-seeded operation. The relationship between H- production and the design/operating parameters has been also investigated by a numerical study with KEIO-MARC code, which gives a reasonable explanation to the experimental results of the H- current dependence on the arc power.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2016 2月 1

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