Identifying works of Japanese classics for construction of FRBRized OPACs

Takuya Tokita, Maiko Kimura, Yosuke Miyata, Yukio Yokoyama, Shoichi Taniguchi, Shuichi Ueda

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A research project was conducted in which proper JAPAN/MARC bibliographic records for 158 major Japanese classical works were identified manually, since existing records contain little information about works included in the resources. This article reports on the detailed method used for work identification, including selecting works, obtaining the bibliographic records to be judged, and building the judgment criteria. The results of the work identification process are reported along with average numbers that indicate the characteristics of certain classics. The necessity of manual identification was justified through an evaluation of searches by author and/or title information in a conventional retrieval system.

ジャーナルCataloging and Classification Quarterly
出版ステータスPublished - 2012 6 1

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