IDSET: Interactive Design System using Evolutionary Techniques

Tomoya Sato, Masafumi Hagiwara

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In this paper, we propose a tool-creating support system named IDSET (Interactive Design System using Evolutionary Techniques). Two kinds of Stages are used in the proposed IDSET: Stages where fundamental shapes are generated and Stages where they are combined. At each Stage, new shapes are generated by the system using evolutionary techniques, and they are shown to the user. The user's creativity is stimulated by this process. Since the system begins with creating parts instead of using parts that are prepared in advance, various novel tools can be formed. The user only has to evaluate the displayed tools, not to have to make them. A system to create tools that are composed of two fundamental parts has been implemented as an example of the proposed system. Computer experiments have been carried out, and various tools and artistic shapes have been created. Some shapes which human beings could not easily envisage were included in the created shapes. This underlines the effectiveness of the proposed IDSET.

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