Impact behavior analysis of PC/ABS (50/50) blends

M. Nizar Machmud, Masaki Omiya, Hirotsugu Inoue, Kikuo Kishimoto

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Impact behavior of simply-supported circular thin plates made of PC/ABS (50/50) blends tested at room temperature by use of instrumented drop weight impact apparatus under different speeds: 2, 3, and 4m/sec has been studied. The blends have 10wt% content of rubber with rubber particle diameter of 270nm and of 150-170nm distributed in ABS. Features of the target are viewed to describe definite alteration of the plates induced by a hemispherical tip-ended cylindrical impactor and effect of rubber particle size distributed in the blends. It was found that the blends with a rubber particle diameter of 150-170nm were not in shattering and exhibited a unique crack shape at speed of 3m/sec. Simulation of the impact test was also performed using dynamic explicit finite element code of MSC. Dytran. In the simulation, the material was assumed isotropic and mass served as a rigid surface and an available material model in the finite element system, called piecewise linear plasticity, referring to a yield model of the von Mises was applied in the simulation for describing the large strain, non-linear behavior of the polymeric materials. Maximum plastic strain failure criterion was then used to simulate the impact failure. Contact between the impactor and the plate was applied and friction coefficient μ between the impactor and the plate was neglected. In order to study effect of friction coefficient value, additional simulation of the impact test has also been performed using μ = 0.3. Impact force-time histories of the blends obtained from the simulation were then verified to the impact test results and pointed out an evaluation of the use of the finite element analysis for predicting behavior of the blends under the impact loading.

ジャーナルKey Engineering Materials
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出版ステータスPublished - 2005 1 1

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