In-situ surface analysis of AuPd(1 1 0) under elevated pressure of CO

M. A. Languille, E. Ehret, H. C. Lee, C. K. Jeong, R. Toyoshima, H. Kondoh, K. Mase, Y. Jugnet, J. C. Bertolini, F. J.Cadete Santos Aires, B. S. Mun

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With the combination of various in-situ surface science tools, surface chemical and structural properties of bimetallic AuPd(1 1 0) alloys are characterized under elevated CO pressure. Under 1 Torr of CO gas pressure, STM images show the formation of nano-sized surface rice-grains along the index direction of [1-10] while PM-IRRAS shows new CO vibrational band. This new vibrational band of PM-IRRAS is confirmed as the CO molecules attached to atop site of Pd with the results of ambient pressure XPS. In the case of adsorption of CO on AuPd(1 1 0) alloys, the so-called "pressure gap" exists and the surface morphology and its chemical states change at elevated pressure conditions.

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