Instantons in Lifshitz field theories

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Abstract: BPS instantons are discussed in Lifshitz-type anisotropic field theories. We consider generalizations of the sigma model/Yang-Mills instantons in renormalizable higher dimensional models with the classical Lifshitz scaling invariance. In each model, BPS instanton equation takes the form of the gradient flow equations for “the superpotential” defining “the detailed balance condition”. The anisotropic Weyl rescaling and the coset space dimensional reduction are used to map rotationally symmetric instantons to vortices in two-dimensional anisotropic systems on the hyperbolic plane. As examples, we study anisotropic BPS baby Skyrmion 1+1 dimensions and BPS Skyrmion in 2+1 dimensions, for which we take Kähler 1-form and the Wess-Zumiono-Witten term as the superpotentials, respectively, and an anisotropic generalized Yang-Mills instanton in 4 + 1 dimensions, for which we take the Chern-Simons term as the superpotential.

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