Interconnection of heterogeneous knowledge bases and its application on Knowledge Grid

T. Nakanishi, K. Zettsu, Y. Kidawara, Y. Kiyoki

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Recently, the number of users who use search engines for not only retrieving Web pages but also understanding or learning an arbitrary concept has been increasing. However, it is difficult to understand and learn an arbitrary concept by using the existing search engines. This paper presents a method for the interconnection of heterogeneous knowledge bases on Knowledge Grid for knowledge sharing and provision. In this paper, for realizing the proposed method, we introduce two types of services-intra-operation services and inter-operation services-on Knowledge Grid. The system dynamically creates a semantic associative network that connects the user's interests and concepts, and provides correlation views that represent various relationships for connecting related resources. In addition, we employ a link-free browsing system by this method called correlation browsing, which represents the semantic association utilizing collective knowledge by connecting various knowledge bases. The current web browsing has two actions-browsing and jumping by static hyperlinks. It is difficult to understand the relationship between each page that is connected by static hyperlink. The system navigates the related contents while repeatedly switching between a content browsing mode and a correlation browsing mode. Therefore, a user can access various contents while understanding the relationships.

ジャーナルConcurrency Computation Practice and Experience
出版ステータスPublished - 2011 6月 25

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