Laser nitriding of Zr-based metallic glass: An investigation by orthogonal experiments

Jing Hong, Yongfeng Qian, Lin Zhang, Hu Huang, Minqiang Jiang, Jiwang Yan

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Laser nitriding is a useful method to improve the surface hardness of materials, and it has been newly introduced to harden the surface of Zr-based metallic glass (MG). However, the currently achieved improvement in surface hardness is only 15.7%. To explore the potential of laser nitriding of Zr-based MG, orthogonal experiments were designed and performed in this study. By nanosecond pulsed laser irradiation in nitrogen atmosphere, the effects of laser parameters (average laser power, scanning speed, overlap rate and number of irradiation cycle) on the surface hardness of Zr-based MG were systematically investigated. The experimental results showed the highest surface hardness reached 18.21 GPa (Meyer's hardness) by orthogonal design, which is about 2 times higher than that of the as-cast MG. Furthermore, the laser affecting layer consisting of nitride phase reached tens of microns. The obtained results demonstrated that significant improvement in surface hardness could be achieved by selecting appropriate laser irradiation parameters, which would be beneficial to the engineering applications of MGs as surface contact materials.

ジャーナルSurface and Coatings Technology
出版ステータスPublished - 2021 10月 25

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