LDPC codes in communications and broadcasting

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Low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes are one of the most powerful error correcting codes and are attracting much attention these days. LDPC codes are promising for communications and broadcasting as well where the use of error correcting codes are essential. LDPC codes have been standardized in some communication standards, such as, IEEE802.16e, DVB-S2, IEEE802.3an (10BASE-T), and so on. The performance of LDPC codes largely depend on their code structure and decoding algorithm. In this paper, we present the basics of LDPC codes and their decoding algorithms. We also present some LDPC codes that have good performance and are receiving much attention particularly in communication systems. We also overview some standardized LDPC codes, the LDPC codes standardized in DVB-S2 and the IEEE802.16e standard LDPC codes. Moreover, we present some research on LDPC coded MIMO systems and HARQ using LDPC codes.

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