Liposarcoma of the retropharyngeal space: Report of a case and review of literature

Hiroyuki Ozawa, Keiko Soma, Mari Ito, Kaoru Ogawa

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Liposarcoma is a soft tissue malignant tumor that is common in adults, though the incidence of this type of tumor in the head and neck region is extremely low. Herein, we report a case of myxoid liposarcoma occurring in the retropharyngeal space. We were unable to make a proper diagnosis of this tumor prior to surgery because of the radiographic findings and the anatomical location resembled those of neurogenic tumor. Myxoid liposarcoma often recurs. So its excision must be carried out carefully and radical dissection is recommended. In the past, liposarcomas arising in the retropharyngeal space were not radically resected because the extent of resection in the head and neck area risked poor functional outcome. In the present case, functional resection and radiotherapy were performed and proved to be efficacious in that no recurrence was observed for 2 years.

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