Long-term follow up of talus fractures

Suguru Inokuchi, Kiyohisa Ogawa, Norio Usami, Takeshi Hashimoto

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Eighty-six patients who had experienced a fracture of the talus more than 10 years previously were assessed. The fracture had occurred in the neck of the talus in 52 feet and in the body of the talus in 27 feet. The fracture was complicated by dislocation in 47 feet, and aseptic necrosis had developed in 33 feet. The outcome was rated as excellent in 20 feet, good in 43, fair in 18, and poor in 7. The cause of poor outcome in the late stage was posttraumatic osteoarthritis secondary to avascular necrosis and incongruity of the joint surface. Early active exercise without weight bearing is recommended to prevent contracture and bone atrophy due to disuse, which may promote osteoarthrosis. Arthrodesis is recommended in patients with pain because the outcome is greatly improved by arthrodesis, even when performed more than 10 years after the injury.

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