Magnetron plasma structure with strong magnetic field

Eiji Shidoji, Toshiaki Makabe

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We perform simulations of the magnetron plasma under a strong magnetic field as well as the conventional magnetic field in the cylindrical geometry in order to examine the typical plasma structure of the magnetron with a strong magnetic field. In the case of the strong magnetic field, an electric field is formed even in the outside region of the sheath. Because the electron diffusion is strongly suppressed by the strong magnetic field, the electron diffusion to the anode is enforced by the electric field in the outside region of the sheath in order to sustain the plasma. Due to the additional electric field, the distributions of the net generation rate and the number density of the plasma are broadened to the anode direction.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2003 10 1
イベントSelected Papers from the 4th International COnference on Coating - Braunschweig, Germany
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