Micro inchworm robot using electro-conjugate fluid

Shohei Ueno, Kenjiro Takemura, Shinichi Yokota, Kazuya Edamura

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An electro-conjugate fluid (ECF) is a kind of functional fluid, which produces a flow (ECF flow) when high DC voltage is subjected. Since it only requires a tiny electrode pair in micrometer-scale size in order to generate ECF flow, ECF is a promising micro fluid pressure source. Hence, by using ECF as the power source, we realize a micro inchworm robot. In this study, first, we have proposed the concept of a novel micro inchworm robot driven by the ECF. Second, we have designed, fabricated and characterized each component of the micro robot. Third, we have developed the micro inchworm robot by using each component. The length, width and mass of the micro robot are approximately 23 mm, 8.5 mm and 1.9 g, respectively. Finally, we observed the characteristics of micro robot with conducting an experiment. Experimental results proved that the micro robot could move on a horizontal acrylic surface with maximum speed of 5.2 mm/s. The micro robot has superior ability in migration speed, compared with previously developed micro inchworm robots.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2014 9月 1

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