Multi-DOF ultrasonic motor using single-phase-driven vibrators

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This paper presents a novel multi-degree-of-freedom ultrasonic actuator. Miniaturization and precise positioning of transfer mechanisms are required, as industrial components are miniaturized. Therefore, many kinds of linear motors and X-Y stages using ultrasonic motors have been developed because of their great characteristics suitable for precise positioning. However, these are still not small enough and the moving range of an object is limited. In order to overcome these problems, we propose a multi-degree-of-freedom actuator using plural single-phase-driven ultrasonic vibrators. This actuator composed of several small-scale vibrators arranged in an array, each of them can generate orthogonal four-direction trust. By combining the thrust generated at each vibrator, we can obtain multiple movements of object. At first in this paper, we propose a driving principle of the actuator. Next, we design and manufacture the vibrator. Finally, we measured vibrating characteristics of vibrator we produced, and driving characteristics of the actuator.

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