NMR measurements of 2D 3He adsorbed on ZYX exfoliated graphite

S. Murakawa, H. Akisato, Yosuke Matsumoto, D. Tsuji, H. Kambara, Hiroshi Fukuyama

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We describe first successful usage of ZYX exfoliated graphite to cool adsorbed two dimensional (2D) 3He to ultra low temperatures (ULT). ZYX has much better characteristics as an adsorption substrate such as larger crystallite (platelet) size and smaller mosaic angle than Grafoil, a widely used exfoliated graphite in ULT experiments. In spite of the relatively small surface area of ZYX, we could perform a nuclear magnetization measurement of paramagnetic 2D solid 3He with continuous wave NMR below 10 mK. The data follow nicely the Curie law down to 200 μK. This indicates that ZYX can be used in experiments to study detailed density dependences of low temperature properties of 2D 3He including possible BCS transitions. We also show a preliminary result of pulsed NMR measurements of high density 2D fluid 3He adsorbed on ZYX preplated with a 4He monolayer.

ジャーナルJournal of Low Temperature Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2004 1月

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