Non-Abelian chiral instabilities at high temperature on the lattice

Yukinao Akamatsu, Alexander Rothkopf, Naoki Yamamoto

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Abstract: We report on an exploratory lattice study on the phenomenon of chiral instabilities in non-Abelian gauge theories at high temperature. It is based on a recently constructed anomalous Langevin-type effective theory of classical soft gauge fields in the presence of a chiral number density n5 = nR − nL. Evaluated in thermal equilibrium using classical lattice techniques it reveals that the fluctuating soft fields indeed exhibit a rapid energy increase at early times and we observe a clear dependence of the diffusion rate of topological charge (sphaleron rate) on the the initial n5, relevant in both early universe baryogenesis and relativistic heavy-ion collisions. The topological charge furthermore shows a drift among distinct vacuum sectors, roughly proportional to the initial n5 and in turn the chiral imbalance is monotonously reduced as required by helicity conservation.

ジャーナルJournal of High Energy Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2016 3月 1

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