Non-Abelian strings and domain walls in two Higgs doublet models

Minoru Eto, Masafumi Kurachi, Muneto Nitta

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Contrary to the standard model that does not admit topologically nontrivial solitons, two Higgs doublet models admit topologically stable vortex strings and domain walls. We numerically confirm the existence of a topological Z-string confining fractional Z-flux inside. We show that topological strings at sin θW = 0 limit reduce to non-Abelian strings which possess non-Abelian moduli S2 associated with spontaneous breakdown of the SU(2) custodial symmetry. We numerically solve the equations of motion for various parameter choices. It is found that a gauging U(1)Y always lowers the tension of the Z-string while it keeps that of the W-string. On the other hand, a deformation of the Higgs potential is either raising or lowering the tensions of the Z-string and W-string. We numerically obtain an effective potential for the non-Abelian moduli S2 for various parameter deformations under the restriction tan β = 1. It is the first time to show that there exists a certain parameter region where the topological W-string can be the most stable topological excitation, contrary to conventional wisdom of electroweak theories. We also obtain numerical solutions of composites of the string and domain walls in a certain condition.

ジャーナルJournal of High Energy Physics
出版物ステータスPublished - 2018 8 1

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