Non-linear fracture mechanics analyses of part circumferential surface cracked pipes

Yun Jae Kim, Jin Su Kim, Young Ze Lee, Young Jin Kim

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This paper provides engineering estimates of non-linear fracture mechanics parameters for pipes with part circumferential inner surface cracks, subject to internal pressure and global bending. Solutions are given in the form of two different approaches, the GE/EPRI approach and the reference stress approach. For the GE/EPRI approach, the plastic influence functions for fully plastic J solutions are tabulated based on extensive 3-D FE calculations using deformation plasticity, covering a wide range of pipe and crack geometries. The developed GE/EPRI-type fully plastic J estimation equations are then re-formulated using the concept of the reference stress approach for wider applications. The proposed reference stress based estimates are validated against detailed 3-D elastic-plastic and elastic-creep FE results. For a total of 26 cases considered in this paper, agreement between the proposed reference stress based J and C* estimates and the FE results is excellent. An important aspect of the proposed estimates is that they not only are simple and accurate but also can be used to estimate J and C* at an arbitrary point along the crack front.

ジャーナルInternational Journal of Fracture
出版ステータスPublished - 2002 8

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