Nonequilibrium Transport Properties in One-Dimensional Array of Quantum Dots

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Nonequilibrium transport properties are studied in one-dimensional arrays of metallic quantum dots connected in series, taking account of the long-range charging effect. The current and its fluctuation are calculated by solving the Master equation and by performing the Monte Carlo simulation. When the array is smaller than the interaction range, charges can be transported, one by one, at low bias voltages. The transport properties have rich structures, reflecting a regular or irregular motion of charges, as functions of the gate voltage. When the array is larger than the interaction range, more than one charges move collectively due to the interaction with each other. The correlation results in a large peak in the current fluctuation spectrum. With increasing bias voltage, the characteristic features disappear, and the current fluctuation goes to a constant level which is 1/(N + 1) of the classical shot noise, in an array of N dots.

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