Oblique detonation wave stability around a spherical projectile by a high time resolution optical observation

Shinichi Maeda, Jiro Kasahara, Akiko Matsuo

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Spherical projectiles were launched into detonable mixtures over a wide range of projectile velocities from near to about 1.8 times the Chapman-Jouguet (C-J) velocity. Oblique detonation waves (ODWs) and shock-induced combustions (SICs) stabilized around the projectiles were visualized with high time and high spatial resolutions using the Schlieren technique and a high-speed camera with a 1-μs frame speed. Unsteady wave structures called Straw Hat type structures consisting of a SIC region followed by a C-J ODW were observed near stabilizing criticalities of a C-J ODW, and they were divided into two propagation types, depending on whether the C-J ODW could be stabilized [11,12,14]. In the present study, we suggested wave structures of the Straw Hat types based on our examination of dozens of continuous images. Triple points were observed at the intersection of a bow shock, a C-J ODW and a transverse detonation or shock wave when projectile velocities were slightly higher than C-J velocities. Onsets of local explosions in the SIC region for stabilizing the ODW in the Straw Hat type structures have been reported [14]. We observed this stabilizing mechanism by visualizing onsets of periodical local explosions and their transition to spherical detonation waves when the projectile velocity was much higher than the C-J velocity. We also determined stabilizing criticalities using a stoichiometric acetylene-oxygen mixture diluted with argon or krypton in 50% or 75% volumetric fractions, respectively. We found that the stabilizing criticalities did not depend only on the ratio of the projectile diameter and the cell size of the mixture.

ジャーナルCombustion and Flame
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