Observation and manipulation of a capillary jet in a centrifuge-based droplet shooting device

Kazuki Maeda, Hiroaki Onoe, Masahiro Takinoue, Shoji Takeuchi

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We report observation and manipulation of a capillary jet under ultra-high centrifugal gravity in a proposed capillary-based fluidic device for the synthesis of microparticles in a centrifugal tube called Centrifuge-Based Droplet Shooting Device (CDSD). Using a high-speed camera, we directly observed the dripping to jetting transition of a viscous capillary jet of water and Sodium alginate solution generated from a glass capillary-orifice of a diameter of O (100) μm under centrifugal gravity ranging from 190 to 450 g. A non-dimensional analysis shows that the mechanism of the dripping-jetting transition in the CDSD may follow that previously reported for a dripping faucet under standard gravity. We also fabricated calcium alginate microparticles by gelating droplets of sodium alginate solution obtained in the break-up of the capillary jet in the jetting regime and demonstrated fabrication of microbeads-on-a-string structures. We confirmed that the jetting regime of the capillary jet could be used to fabricate smaller particles than that of the dripping regime. The results show that the CDSD would be a more useful device to fabricate various polymeric structures and understand the physics of fluid jets under ultra-high gravity.

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