Optimization of Fixture Layout by means of the Genetic Algorithm

T. Aoyama, Y. Kakinuma, I. Inasaki

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The fixturing process for holding and locating workpieces on machine tools is essential in manufacturing systems. This process is one of the important factors affecting machining accuracy and has so far been carried out manually by skilled workers. This chapter proposes a new fixturing support system. The elastic deformation of the workpiece caused by the fixturing forces is analyzed by the finite element method, and the optimum fixturing position, which results in the minimum form error of the surface to be machined, is determined. The genetic algorithm is applied to the optimization process of the fixturing condition. © 2006

ホスト出版物のタイトルIntelligent Production Machines and Systems - 2nd I*PROMS Virtual International Conference 3-14 July 2006
出版社Elsevier Ltd
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