Orofacial pain

Koichi Wajima

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Orofacial Pain is the representative term which includes odontogenic pain musculoskeletal pain, neurovascular pain and neuropathic pain, and these disorders present variant pain at Orofacial area, neck and head. Recently Orofacial pain is used as the name of newly developed clinical field which fruits of progress in the studying pain of trigeminal nerve and pharmacotherapy are applied in. The referred pain in trigeminal nerve confuses clinicians to correctly diagnose and make difficulty to treat. It is very important to know the mechanism of referred pain from myofascial pain of masticatory muscle in treating Orofacial pain. For treating complex pain cases at Orofacial area, it is ideal that dentists and physicians collaborate closely in the differential diagnosis with the knowledge of Orofacial pain as common.

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