Packet video transmission through ATM networks

Yasuhiko Yasuda, Hiroshi Yasuda, Naohisa Ohta, Fumio Kishino

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The basic aspects of packet video transmission technology are described, and some new results are presented. The advantages of packet video transmission through ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) networks and items to be solved are discussed from both the network and the user sides. Modeling methods, including burstiness measures, are described. Examples of modeling based on the Markov modified Poisson process are shown. Packet loss protection and recovery methods are discussed, and the effects of a layered coding scheme are described. Subjective picture quality based on variable rate video transmission is demonstrated.

出版ステータスPublished - 1989 12 1
イベントIEEE Global Telecommunications Conference & Exhibition (GLOBECOM '89). Part 1 (of 3) - Dallas, TX, USA
継続期間: 1989 11 271989 11 30


OtherIEEE Global Telecommunications Conference & Exhibition (GLOBECOM '89). Part 1 (of 3)
CityDallas, TX, USA

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