Parametric studies of an electron-beam-pumped krypton-rich KrF laser

F. Kannari, M. J. Shaw, F. O'Neill

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This paper describes the results of a detailed experimental study of an electron-beam-pumped, high Kr concentration KrF laser. The excitation rate is 1.4 MW/cm3 for 1 atm of Kr gas. The formation efficiency of KrF* and extraction efficiency are estimated using calculated values of saturation intensity and g00, the ratio of small-signal gain to saturable absorption, together with measured values of g0 and the ratio of g0 to nonsaturable absorption (αn). Although the highest formation efficiency of 24% is observed at 99.7% Kr concentration, the effect of finite vibrational-relaxation rate significantly decreases the KrF* density accessible to lasing at high Kr concentration due to the shorter lifetime of KrF*. KrF* vibrational-relaxation rates of 4×10-11 and 5×10-11 cm3 s -1 are determined for Ar gas and Kr gas, respectively. A decrease of g00 and g0n resulting in low extraction efficiency is observed at high Kr concentration due to the relatively high α0 and αn. The intrinsic efficiencies are 11, 11.8, and 9% for 1 atm mixtures at 10, 50, and 99.7% Kr, respectively.

ジャーナルJournal of Applied Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 1987

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