Peer Learning via Dialogue with a Pattern Language

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In this paper, we study the way of peer learning via dialogue that uses a pattern language. Pattern languages are a collection of patterns to describe design knowledge that exists in particular areas of a profession. For the past 7 years, we have been holding workshops for dialogue with a pattern language in order to realise peer learning. In this paper, we introduce the dialogue workshop using the Learning Patterns, a pattern language for creative learning, and analyse the data of our survey. The results of 710 valid responses show that 92.4% of participants learned something new about the way of learning, when they read the book of the Learning Patterns; 91.5% reflected that the dialogue was important to learn the ways of learning; 95.7% of participants considered this activity of listening to others significant for various reasons; 90.3% thought the pattern language was helpful for sharing their experience with peers; 88.3% were able to imagine how they can actually take actions of the patterns they chose; and 96.5% of participants thought reading the pattern language and participating in the dialogue workshop was enjoyable.

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名前Studies on Entrepreneurship, Structural Change and Industrial Dynamics

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