Performance Evaluation and Reinforcement in Interconnected Passive System

Masaki Inoue, Kengo Urata

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This paper presents passivity analysis and performance evaluation for interconnected dynamical systems. Each subsystem in the interconnected systems has passivity property and is also characterized with a single parameter, which is utilized for L2 gain evaluation. The subsystems are internally connected each other to construct an interconnected system. From the passivity theorem, the interconnected system inherits the passivity property from each subsystem. In addition, the transition of the performance-evaluating parameter via the interconnection is explicitly described. With the parameter transition, the L2 gain of the interconnected system is evaluated. It is further shown that the L2 gain in some interconnection rule strictly decreases compared with the disconnected case, which is called performance reinforcement in this paper. Finally, the quantitative passivity analysis and performance evaluation are applied to a power network model in which a large number of renewable energy generations are installed.

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