Performance of europium Aluminium doped polymer optical waveguide amplifier

Nur Najahatul Huda Saris, Azura Hamzah, Sumiaty Ambran, Osamu Mikami, Takaki Ishigure

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In this paper, the graded index (GI) multimode rare-earth metal (RE-M) doped polymer optical waveguide amplifier has been prepared and tested optically. A 10-cm Europium Aluminum Benzyl Methacrylate (EuAl3O3/BzMA)was fabricated via a unique technique known as the “Mosquito Method” which utilizes a micro-dispenser machine. Optical gain from 75 to 150 μm circular core diameter waveguide of 13 wt.% concentration has been demonstrated and measured under forward pumping condition. The cladding monomer deployed in this research is Acrylate resin XCL01, which is a modified photocurable acrylate material. Fundamentally, -30 decibel (dBm) red light signal input and 23 dBm pump power of 532 nm green laser wavelength is implemented within the range of 580 to 640 nm optical amplification wavelength. A maximum gain of 12.96 dB at 617 nm wavelength has been obtained for a 100 μm core diameter of Eu-Al polymer optical waveguide. The effect of different coupler diameter for pumping and the comparison of insertion loss before and after amplification against the performance of the Eu-Al polymer waveguide amplifier are also studied. There exists an optimum core diameter of which the amplifier gain enhancement is at maximum value.

ジャーナルBulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
出版ステータスPublished - 2019 12

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