Phase change materials for optical disc and display applications

Yuta Saito, Kotaro Makino, Paul Fons

研究成果: Chapter


One of the most successful applications of chalcogenides glasses is phase change optical discs also known as digital versatile disc-random access memory (DVD-RAM), and Blu-ray discs (BD). The technology relies on a reversible phase change between two phases with significantly different optical properties (optical constants) with chalcogenide materials serving as the workhorse. These chalcogenides (mostly tellurides) exhibiting a reversible amorphous-crystalline transition are often referred to as “phase change materials (PCMs).” PCMs are the key component of optical discs that enables rewritable data recording. Here, in this chapter, we present an overview of phase change optical disc applications, a present day mature industry. Furthermore, we introduce an up-and-coming technology based upon the same class of materials that holds promise for future industrial applications, namely, solid-state reflective displays based upon PCMs.

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ホスト出版物のサブタイトルStructure, Properties, Modeling And Main Applications (In 3 Volumes)
出版社World Scientific Publishing Co.
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