Photoelectron spectroscopy of binary-metal cluster anions containing sulfur atom

A. Nakajima, T. Taguwa, K. Nakao, K. Hoshino, S. Iwata, K. Kaya

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Photoelectron spectra of MnS-1 (M = Al, Cu, Ag, and Au) cluster anions were measured at the photon energies of 3.49 and 4.66 eV using a magnetic-bottle electron spectrometer having ∼60-meV resolution. The electron affinities of AlS-, CuS-, AgS-, and AuS- are 2.60(3), 2.10(3), 2.09(3), and 2.44(3) eV, respectively. The large EA of AlS- is attributed to large stability by six bonding electrons, and a new electronic state of A′2Π can be found 0.4 eV above the AlS ground state, which is in agreement with a theoretical calculation. In the photoelectron spectrum of AuS-, two peaks due to a splitting by the L-S coupling could be observed, and the amount of the splitting is 0.18(2) eV. The results of aluminum clusters containing sulfur atom will also be presented.

ジャーナルSurface Review and Letters
出版ステータスPublished - 1996 2月

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